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Lips surgery cost


The lips form an important aspect of the face.The quality of the lips in terms of volume determines the appearance of a person to a large extent.people who have large lips are often the target of discrimination and teasing by friends and colleagues.Lip reduction is a day care procedure whic can resize and redrape the lips.Resulta will take about six weeks to six months.Hypoplastic lips (Thin lips) can also be a cause for concern as they are not appealing.In such cases fillers can be used to augment the lips.This is an office procedure and results are imminent immediately after the procedure.


thin lips can be enhanced using fillers. But fillers are temporary and need to be done again after a few months. In the recent past permanent lip augmentation is made available with silicon lip implants. PermaLip is a safe, definitive solution for lip enhancement. PermaLip is a patented device designed exclusively for lip enhancement.the implant when inserted does not deflate or leak. It comes in various sizes.It can be easily removed if required.

Cleft Lip and Palate Some children are born with cleft of of the lip alone or in combination with the cleft of the palate. These are congenital anomalies and meticulous care and surgical procedures can restore these children to normalcy. Sequential procedures are necessary at timed intervals along with speech therapy in case of cleft palate. They will also need Septorhinoplasty when the child attains the age of sixteen to seventeen years.

Treatment protocol for Lips surgery

Hospital stay: Can be done as an office procedure

First follow up: 5th post op day

Second follow up : 12th day

Precautions: To avoid solid food for 10 days after the procedure.Mouth gargling and maintainance of oral hygeine

Results: Can be appretiated only after 6 weeks to 6months

Before & After

Here are some of the examples of the patients before and after their respective surgeries


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