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27-01-2011: Dr.M.S.Venkatesh attended the aesthethetic surgery CME and work shop at Indrprastha Apollo hospital New delhi which was attended by International faculty from various parts of the world. The key topics that were discussed at the international meet were about the developing trends in fat transfer, Rhinoplasty, Abdominoplasty and breast surgeries.

Dr Venkatesh

About one hundred and fifty aesthetic surgeons from all over the world attended the meet and there were some fruitful discussions and exchange of views during the meeting. One of the take home messages was the open septorhinoplasty technique which was demonstrated by Dr. Gubbish from Germany. Fat transfer techniques also was very promising and will become a powerful armamentarium for all plastic and cosmetic surgeons.The use of lipo aspirate to get chronic wounds to heal was another interesting feature presented and discussed in this meeting. Elizabeth Hall Findlay could not make it for the meet but she was kind enough to send her videos on breast reduction and mastopexy. The short scar mastopexy and the medial pedicle vertical breast reduction were the hall marks of the presentation. These techniques will be an asset to the armamentarium of cosmetic surgery in order to deliver excellent results for breast reduction which is now fast catching up in the Indian metros.

23-02-2011: Rekha Chakroborthy from STUDENT’S MAG interviewed Dr.M.S.Venkatesh and Dr. Sirisha. The article will feature Cosmetic surgery trends in the present day and is likely to be published in the March Issue of the magazine. All the varied aspects of cosmetic body procedures were discussed.

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