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tissue expansion surgery


The ability of human tissue to expand and stretch has been observed and documented through history. The loose skin of the abdominal wall following pregnancy and the body skin following massive weight loss have been there for all to see. The therapeutic use of these mechanisms of natural tissue expansion has evolved dramatically over the last two decades. Tissue expansion has revolutionized the field of cosmetic surgery. Today large scars, Giant Nevi and many extensive skin leisions can be Excised and reconstructed with the adjacent skin to give a proper texture and colour match using tissue Expanders.

Tissue expansion and scar reduction


The procedure is simple and involves expansion of the adjacent normal skin by inserting a baloon under the normal skin adjacent to the scar or lesion. The choice of the type, shape and size of the expander is planned preoperatively taking into consideration the size and exrent of the scar or the lesion in consideration for removal. This balloon is filled at regular intervals with saline, thus artificially expanding the overlying normal skin. The expansion may take several weeks. This procedure can be used for Scalp reconstruction, breast reconstruction, reconstruction following excision of giant nevi and a wide variety of reconstructive procedures. Tissue expansion is a boon for Plastic and Cosmetic surgeons and it’s applications can provide rewarding results.

Treatment protocol for Tissue expansion & scar reduction

Hospital stay: 1to 2 days

First follow up: 5th post op day

Second follow up : 12th day, followed by weekly or biweekly follow up.During each follow up the silicone balloon is filled with saline in order to expand the overlying skin.The expansion may take several weeks to complete and it depends on the size of the expander and the volume of expansion desired.Usually it is completed by eight to twelve weeks.

Precautions: To avoid Exertion,Gym,Sports till the completion of expansion.


Before & After

Here are some of the examples of the patients before and after their respective surgeries


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